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Mar 18, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
...and thought it sounded like a fine idea, Chris, so I've just joined. Thank you. On the way home from work I was going over in my mind what I might write in my first post, but now I'm here, I'm not finding it that easy to do. How many miscarriages did my wife and I experience? I can't really say - and maybe that is part of the problem. People say that I've got a phenomenal memory, faces, names, trivial little incidents from my childhood - so how can I not remember a devastating statistic like that? Because I think my mind has just tried to blank it out for protection. So, going back to the question - how many miscarriages did we have? Maybe 4, maybe 5, maybe 6 - it could be 7. We do speak about them from time to time, but I'm struggling to walk in the other room now and just ask. You're right, people do find it difficult to know where to turn. My wife found out about a year ago from my Mum that I could have had a sibling, but she miscarried. So she took the best part of 50 years to "drop it into a conversation" and my Dad never once mentioned it - stiff upper lip 'n' all that, I suppose. I'm honoured that you guys have felt the courage to join the forum and share your feelings. I think I will, too, at some point but as I said in paragraph 1 I'm not finding it easy right now as its brought the emotions flooding back, but I will aim to muster up a bit of strength. There is a good eventual outcome to the situation, but there were some truly awful experiences along the way. Dave
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