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Feb 10, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
My fiancé and I were pleasantly surprised to find that she (we) were pregnant, immediately I went into dad mode researching everything I can to be the best dad I could be. my fiancés an ultrasound technician, was so excited to scan and see our baby ASAP, only to find a gestational sac with nothing else. We held onto the hope that our dates were wrong, but countless scans showed otherwise. Inmediately I was saddened by this and I began to cope with it. However I find myself now ~2 months later feeling guilty about grieving, but to me I lost a child, and am stuck with all the what if’s. Its a weird feeling that I woukd never wish on anyone. I’m not really one to post things like this or talk about feelings or anything but I found myself at 1 am unable to sleep searching the internet for answers and I came across this website and blog and figured maybe writing it out and briefly talking about it will validate how I’m feeling ?


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