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Jul 29, 2021
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My wife and I had our 12 week scan and they picked up that the NT measurement (skin on the back of the neck) was very high. Within 2 weeks we had gone for a CVS, heart scan, detailed scans, spoken to a geneticist and much more. Our baby was diagnosed with Turner's syndrome and while we were constantly told that the prognosis was poor, it took until a scan at 19 weeks to be told that there was as good as 100% chance that it wouldn't make it. We are currently having weekly heart scans and waiting for the bad news. My wife and I sat down to talk about the next steps and I honestly feel so disconnected from everything. With our first baby I really didn't feel very much until that moment I held her for the first time. We have been asked if we want to spend time with the baby after it has been delivered, about naming it, taking photos and doing hand prints as well as funeral/ceremony arrangements which is just too much. Our baby is still alive. Would really appreciate some input on how others have processed a late stage miscarriage and the practical parts of the time after.
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