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Mar 14, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Hello Folks, Some Background: Struggling to conceive for 5 years and my wife suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks in December 2020 I'm working with a new business associate. He's trying to be very overfriendly and asking a lot of personal questions. I just barely know this guy for 2 days now, and few of his first questions are "Do you have kids?" ."How many kids do you have?" . I responded in a calm and concise manner stating "no". Then he goes "Oh , So I take it you're not married" . Then I said I am married. This was so annoying and such a stupid conversion to have. I've already started to absolutely detest this person. Why does he have to ask so many personal questions. I spoke to him about everything he needed to do his job with me. He just knows me for two days and he starts getting so personal. I already have started to dislike him and when I moaned about this to my wife she shouted at me and we had a big fight. My wife blames me for talking bad about the business associate. Guys please help me hear. I am so angry and feel like bursting out into tears. Why can't people be professional and refrain from asking personal questions.He's not a friend. Just a business associate and knowing how many kids I have does not have any bearing on the business. This is so annoying.
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