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Oct 19, 2023
In Welcome to the Forum
Me and my girlfriend got together 6 months ago and found out at one and a half months into our relationship and we were happy and doing well and was debating on keeping the baby as it was very early on and decided that we would keep the baby as we both really wanted to be parents and loved each other from the moment we met, we was doing well but had some disagreements and ended up splitting at 9 weeks of pregnancy to the find out at 11 weeks she had lost all her symptoms, she told me this as I was always with her through it to find out there was no heartbeat and has stopped growing at 7 weeks she ended up having a miscarriage and almost bled out and had to have emergency surgery, we became very close after she was sent home and hugged the whole night, since she has become very distant and I know that she is grieving by herself and I keep reaching out to her but she's struggling, I'm just wondering what would be the best way to help her?
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