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May 07, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
my wife just suffered a miscarriage. I live away from my family (they’re coming to visit in 2 weeks) and we were going to break the exciting news to them on my Dad’s birthday. Unfortunately this now won’t happen and I’m really struggling to deal with the loss. I cry in the shower, I feel anger when people do the tiniest little thing to irritate me and I don’t know how to process the emotions. I’m not unhappy in my life, everything else really is perfect, we have a son already. I want to be strong for my wife and my son, but it feels like the pain will never stop. I’m very good at dealing with emotions most of the time, but this one physically takes me breath away. I’m posting to help myself accept the situation, but I don’t know what else. I want to be alone and at the same time be with people. I’m struggling more than I thought I would.
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