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May 12, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Hey all - I've been reading all the stories in here and I feel like I need to share mine because I really appreciate everyone who has posted, it's really helpful to read what others have been through and see how similar our experiences are. We have experienced 3 losses in a fairly short time frame. 2 just pre-covid, 1 during. Even before covid I was not allowed in the room for the first ultrasound. I was sitting in the waiting room so excited, completely oblivious to how fucked up it could get. I will never forget seeing my wife's face when she walked out, and I never even got to see our first on the screen or even have an ultrasound photo. My family is Christian (I am not anymore, not for a long time), and they are not super helpful. My aunt posted some anti abortion propaganda on Facebook the other day which implied that 'god cares about all babies in the womb' - yeah right. In my estimation god cares for approximately 80% of babies in the womb, 20% die there. 100% of ours have. I apologize if that is a bit crude, but the entire experience is. Nobody prepares you for the physical aspect of it, the complete helplessness of watching your partner go through something horrible and know there is nothing you can do. I sliced my finger open with an exacto knife the other week and I almost fainted from the blood. I have never had a problem with seeing blood until after what we've been through. Anyways I'll keep it short but of course I could go on and on. Thanks to anyone who reads this and I hope this forum continues to be a good place to share and talk about our experiences. Chris - I see you had asked about interest in a zoom meeting and I would attend if you end up scheduling something! Thanks for the work you do on this page and let me know if there's something I can do to help. I would love to support the community in any way I can.
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