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Sam AA
Jun 03, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Here are some extracts from a poem I wrote to help me grieve the loss of our unborn child 3 years ago Light of Day/Days of Light You never saw the light of day... ... I love you my child Though your existence is one I can't grasp Yet Never were you a product You were alive Though I can't access you Eat with you Laugh with you And teach you like I do your lovely siblings One day it hit me and have never been the same again Though you can't come to me One day I will go to you When the time is right (Though time is never ours to own) You taught me that I won't find you in your mother anymore Nor in ornaments Nor in flowers Nor in any other living thing I won't find you on the edge of suicide That was an illusion, a delusion The idea I entertained, a dark place never explored though seemed the only way to go... Now I spends my days in the light Thank you my child...
Sam AA
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